Breeze Pro Lush Ice Disposable vape Review

July 24, 2023 By Jacob Lopez
Breeze Pro Lush Ice Disposable vape Review

Breeze Pro is a next-generation disposable vaping device that delivers more hits, new and exciting flavors, and a smoother vapor experience. Its sleek design and advanced features make it an ideal choice for smokers looking to switch to vaping.

Breez Pro Lush Ice transports you down south with its exquisite blend of tropical flavors. Enjoy the refreshing taste of fresh watermelon from your first inhale to its crisp finish.

Authentic Watermelon Flavor

Breeze Pro Lush Ice is a mouthwatering summer taste of juicy watermelon with a cool finish. From the first inhale to the crisp finish, this refreshing flavor will take you on a vaping journey of your life.

Other Breeze Pro flavors include Bubblegum Freeze that indulges your sweet tooth with a fresh strawberry cotton candy taste, Candy Cane that takes you back to your childhood with its sweet and rich candies, Cherry Cola that provides a distinctive mix of cherries with a fizzy cola finish, Lemon Mint that refreshes you with the tangy taste of mint.

The best part is that Breeze Pro offers all these flavors in a convenient and affordable disposable vape that also has a long-lasting 1000mAh battery and premium mesh coils for up to 2000 unbelievably smooth puffs. Plus, it comes in a variety of different color options to match your style. And it’s available in a 0% nicotine option so you can enjoy your favorite flavor without any negative side effects.

Cool Mint

Buy a Breeze Pro Disposable Pod Vape – Blue Raspberry 0% Nic for saleA light and fruity Breeze flavor profile that is as icy and crisp as a Spring day. This mouthwatering disposable is a must-try!

The iced version of this crowd-favorite brings out the juicy sweetness for a deliciously refreshing experience. It is perfect for those who enjoy fresh and original flavors.

Other flavor options include Cherry Lemon, a delicious blend of sweet lemons and tart cherries. There is also Gum Mint, a classic mint flavor that is as minty and refreshing as it gets.

If you want a tropical escape, try Coconut Banana, an exotic blend of creamy bananas and sweet coconut. Or, if you are a fan of sweet and fruity flavors, there is also Berry Cream. You can find a flavor to fit your mood with the range of amazing options that Breeze Pro offers!

Refreshing Vapor

A burst of cool mint paired with fruity blueberry creates a refreshing and invigorating vape experience. This refreshing flavor is ideal for vapers who prefer a sweet and crisp finish to their liquids. BReeze Pro Lush Ice is also available in zero nicotine, perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the same great flavors of the Breeze Pro without the negative side effects of nicotine.

With a generous 6ml pre-filled juice capacity and outstanding vapor production, the Breeze Pro is a next generation disposable device. It has a draw-activated inhale mechanism, a battery life of up to 2000 puffs, and a wide variety of popular vapor flavors.

Indulge in a variety of fruity and menthol flavors with the Breeze Pro! You can find the perfect flavor for your tastes with a selection of 23 distinct flavors. Try the popular Anejo, Pumpkin Spice, Cherry Lemon, Straw Kiwi, and many more! Then, enjoy the convenience of the Breeze Pro disposable vape on your next outdoor adventure.